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Val-Tech is a company that supplies Valplast® flexible dentures, a system invented by the Valplast® International Corporation, it has been available in the USA since the early 1950's. Val-Tech technicians have been trained by Valplast® to provide dentures to the UK market.
TheValplast® system employs a completely different type of partial denture design. By using tissue retention the clasping is invisible making the denture almost undetectable in the mouth.

About Valplast

    Flexible/Unbreakable Denture System, established in the USA since the early 1950's.

    Val-Tech supplies the Valplast® Denture to Dentists, Laboratories and Clinical Dental Technicians.

    Nylon based material that if manufactured according to the Valplast® guidlines is reportedly unbreakable.

    The material is 100% biocompatible.


'The Valplast® Denture goes a long way to producing 100% sastisfaction'

'So natural that nobody would guess'

Tel: 01843 571117

Richard Gutrige BSc(Hons) Dip Cdt RCS(Eng) RDT      Registered with the GDC no. 164008.
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