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Frequently asked questions.

How do I fit a Valplast denture?
Warm up the denture in tap hot water for a few minutes to make it more flexible.

How do I adjust a Valplast denture?
Use a bur at low speed and keep the material cool using a bowl of cold water, after polish with pumice and buff with Tripoli using a rag wheel.

How do patients look after a Valplast denture?
Use the recommended cleaner Valclean and follow the manufacturers instructions.

If there is a sore place what should I do?
Check the balance to make sure the occlusion is correct, if it is then reduce any over extention in the sore area.

How can I get a Valplast denture made?
It can be sent to any Valplast registered dental Lab such as Val-Tech for manufacture.

My patient has allergies will it affect them like other dental products do?
This material should be completely biocompatible, the chances of an allergic reaction are very small indeed compared to other products such as plastic or dental alloys.

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