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The disadvantages of hard acrylic and chrome cobalt dentures are :

1. Metal and Acetyl Resin clasping and denture bases can be visible.

2. Stress on natural teeth during mastication is increased by clasping and occlusal rests.

3. Rigidity can cause impact damage to existing bone and tissue structures.

4. Possible allergic reactions.

  In light of this Valplast® developed a nylon based material that did not sacrifice function yet improved aesthetics.


The advantages of the Valplast® Denture system are :

1. Translucency of the material picks up underlying tissue tones, making it almost impossible to detect in the mouth.

2. No clasping is visible on tooth surfaces, improving aesthetics.

3. The material is exceptionally strong. The manufacturers proclaim it unbreakable, making it ideal when constant fracturing occurs.

4. Stresses are almost entirely removed from abutment teeth and underlying bone and tissue structures.

5. Free movement allowed by the overall flexibility is referred to as 'a built in stress breaker'.

6. Complete biocompatibility is achieved because the material is free of monomer and metal, these being  the principle causes of allergic reactions in conventional denture materials.

  Feedback is very positive, with reports that the material feels more natural in the mouth than conventional denture materials.The long-term health of tissues and teeth is maintained due to the dentures gentle massaging action, achieved without adversely loading the abutments

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